New Blog

By Margo
I am starting a new blog. The address is I will only post on there from now on. If you would like an invite to that blog, please leave a comment with your email address.

What a whopper!

By Margo

Weighing in at 16 lbs 3 oz on his 3 month birthday! He is in 9 month clothes too! What a lil butterball!


Happy Birthday Daddy and Happy Easter!

By Margo
Brock's birthday fell on Easter this year giving us double the reason to celebrate!

In his yellow jammies for Easter

With Grandpa, checkin each other out

Grandma and Nix lovin on each other

Brock opening his b-day presents

Nixon's first Easter basket. The candy is pretty much for Brock and I...sneaky sneaky!

Daddy holding the little butterball.

Grandma and Grandpa were here to celebrate with us

Surprised he didn't catch the house on fire. 27 is OLD! ;)

Those oreo brownies are so yummy...if I do say so myself!

Hanging out with daddy outside for one of the first times. Brock is a little obsessed with watching his sprinklers.

Aw, what a great birthday present! That blanket is made by Donna Barney in my ward.


1 week old

By Margo
All these pics were taken when Nixon was a week old. At the time he already seemed so big, but now he looks so tiny in these pictures. He is growing up way too fast!

Look at that little tiny face!

I loved these gowns. Now they are so tiny, they don't fit!

If only he slept this easy now. He strated sleeping with his arms above his head like this at the very beginning. I couldn't swaddle his arms becuase he would get mad and try to get them out.

Grammy and Nixon

Nixon trying to get daddy's attention while he watches TV

He looks a little unsure about this position.


This was taken before his little newborn photos.

This was one of the first outfits I bought when we found out it was a boy.


First Baths

By Margo
First thing first...I am going private again. If you gave me your address before, I still have it. If not, email it to me at, or leave it in a comment.

Little man has loves his baths! The sponge baths before his cord fell off weren't as pleasant though.

Poor little guy...we had no idea what we were doing!

He had a little rash after he was born.

Seriously guys, it's cold!

Once he was able to take a big boy was good! He would just sit so calm in the bath like he was just relaxing in a hot tub. He likes his baths just as much as I do! Now at 3 months, he is getting a little more active in there. He will kick and slap the water with his hands, he loves to splash!

Grammy was there to help. It's good someone knew what they were doing!

Awwww....this is the life!

This is one of my favorite pictures ever. Look at that cute smile!! He is so big in that cute robe. Love my little water bug!


Blogger has an app!

By Margo

I discovered blogger has an app for my I  can post little random things when I think about it. You've been warned!

Today Nixon was taking a nap, so I decided to do a lil project. I love these little birds I got for my wedding...but they didn't quite match my kitchen. Nothing a little Krylon spray paint can't fix! They are kinda a mustard yellow now. I like how they turned out! I love spray paint.


Oh. My. Gosh.

By Margo

Def not the first....and won't be the last....but for sure the biggest yet!


Things we love about Nix

By Margo

When he's out cold and a lil milk dribbles down his chin

When he sticks his lil tongue out and looks like he's licking something...that's daddy's favorite!

His hot little breath on my neck

Believe it or not...when he poops. It's so loud and gross...he is all boy for sure! It's made a few people jump, Atta boy!

He is so chunky! 97% in weight! We went to the Dr today and he weighs 13 pounds 1.5 6 weeks. Homeboy likes to eat....which brings me to.....

He eats so aggressively, you would think I hadn't fed him in days, let alone 2 hours ago. He gulps and growls and snorts. LOVE IT!

When he buries his little face in our chest and rubs and rubs his nose and face back and forth. My mom said baby pigs do that...well...

When I'm feeding him and his little arm hangs down and he tickled my side.

When I pick him up and his tiny little back is arched and he sticks his lil bum out and looks like a stink bug.

His little smelly ear. He spits up and sometimes it gets caught in this little part of his gross. But I even loved that! (yes I clean it out, but before that its a little gross....don't judge me)

Of COURSE his little feet. I bite them everyday.

His lil fire hose when he pees...lil peanut has some range when he goes pee pee! It cracks me up.

His little smile that's coming around more and more these days.

The fact that he's in 3-6 month.clothes, and is only 6 weeks old. He still wears 0-3, but those are starting to get, ahem... snug. Why is this cute only on babies?

When he goes cross eyed.

His little cry when he was brand sounded like a girl. It made me sad cause it was so pathetic, but it made my mom laugh. Now I miss it!

I could name a million things Nixon, but these are some of our very favorites right now. We love you!


Introducing Nixon W Brown!

By Margo
Wow, our lives have changed so much since the last time I posted. It is so much better and so full of love in our house. I'm afraid the doors and windows might blow off, we have so much love busting out of here! Well I guess I should post the story of how it all went down.

On April 7th 2011 I was home all day and preparing for our little guy to come...I just kinda had a feeling it was gonna be soon. I had contractions on and off for a few days. Well around 2pm I lost my, uh, plug. I really didn't know what to expect. I talked to my sister Jen, and she said she always had her kids within a day of losing hers...oh snap. Brock was at work super late, which is not usual. ASU had a fire and they had to work around the clock to fix it. He got home at about midnight, and was pretty tired. By the time he ate real quick, showered and got in bed is when I told him, "Uhhhh....I think we need to go to the hospital". No sleep for anyone! I was having contractions, and wasn't too sure, but thought my water had broke a little. So we loaded up and got to the hospital around 1:30 am. I thought for sure they were gonna be all, "Aww, bless your heart you little first time mom, go home and come back when things are really happenening." NOPE. They checked me and my water had broke and my contractions were pretty good, so they admitted us. That was SO weird to know the next time we left that hospital, it would be with our son.

After being admitted it took forEVER to progress. I was only at a 2 and stayed that was for a loonnng time, but was having a ton of contractions. They ended up giving me IV drugs for pain until I was at a 4, when I could get my epidural. Wow, those drugs were no joke, I was high as a kite, but not in a lot of pain. Bless those drugs. It wasn't until about 5 pm on the 8th that I was at a 4. I think the nurse checking and and accidentally really breaking my water helped too, it was so weird and popped! By that time I was in some major pain, and that epidural was uh-maze-ing! I think Brock was pretty relieved I had the epidural too. Around 10:50 pm the nurse said it was time to get down to business, and start pushing. It was a little nerve wracking without the DR there yet (she was on her way). My regular Dr was in North dare he! I pushed for 30 minutes (again, thank heaven for the epidural....) and out came the most gorgeous little boy ever. My very first though was, wow, he looks chunky....and I was right! 9 POUNDS!!!!! I was NOT expecting that!!! He was 21 inches long and a little too quiet for my liking. He didn't cry, which almost gave me a nervous break down. He was alert though and had really good coloring, so Brock kept telling me he was ok. Brock cut the cord, which was pretty cool. He was such a proud daddy, and we both were pretty emotional when we first saw our little boy. When they gave him to me to hold it was just so crazy. I just kept thinking "He's mine"....which was awesome and crazy and awesome all at once.

Our stay in the hospital was pretty good. It was so nice to get home...for about 30 seconds. Our bed is a little tall...ok ridiculously tall, and I went to step on the inside cupboard of my nightstand to get in bed....I had a lot of stitches and didn't wanna step too high. Well my leg was still a little weak from my epidural and my knee totally dislocated and I dropped like a ton of bricks. That hurt like no other! Luckily I didn't have the baby. Brock and Mitch had to come lift me on the bed. Oh boy...what a way to come home huh...only I would have something so dumb happen. I think the knee is's still pretty sore. Things have been great since then though. My mom stayed for a little over a week, which was SO SO SO nice. I couldn't have done it without her and Brock. Everyone is doing great now, and we can't get enough of our sweet boy!

I needed a lil oxygen, the drugs made me not breath too well.

Big daddy waiting and waiting to meet his boy.

Grammy waiting too!

Aunt Jen and Uncle Reed!

Grandma and Grandpa Brown

He was such a trooper and helped me through it all

Everyone is getting a lil sick of waiting...ok I was! :)

His first picture! What a handsome little boy!!!

This one just melts me.

Mommy getting to hold her little guy

All bundled up and cozy

His first bath at the hospital. Brock went with him, but I had to stay in bed.

He thinks he's so big with that hat on. :)

So sweet I could eat him!

Us just recovering and falling in love with eachother!!

Aunt Jen showing us how to do the car seat the right way.

Kyler and Roxy got to come meet him, they were so excited!

Ready to go HOME!! I am so puffy from all the IV fluids...yuck!

All buckled in and ready to go home.

We made it home!!!! We love having him here, and can't imagine our lives without him.