Things we love about Nix

By Margo

When he's out cold and a lil milk dribbles down his chin

When he sticks his lil tongue out and looks like he's licking something...that's daddy's favorite!

His hot little breath on my neck

Believe it or not...when he poops. It's so loud and gross...he is all boy for sure! It's made a few people jump, Atta boy!

He is so chunky! 97% in weight! We went to the Dr today and he weighs 13 pounds 1.5 6 weeks. Homeboy likes to eat....which brings me to.....

He eats so aggressively, you would think I hadn't fed him in days, let alone 2 hours ago. He gulps and growls and snorts. LOVE IT!

When he buries his little face in our chest and rubs and rubs his nose and face back and forth. My mom said baby pigs do that...well...

When I'm feeding him and his little arm hangs down and he tickled my side.

When I pick him up and his tiny little back is arched and he sticks his lil bum out and looks like a stink bug.

His little smelly ear. He spits up and sometimes it gets caught in this little part of his gross. But I even loved that! (yes I clean it out, but before that its a little gross....don't judge me)

Of COURSE his little feet. I bite them everyday.

His lil fire hose when he pees...lil peanut has some range when he goes pee pee! It cracks me up.

His little smile that's coming around more and more these days.

The fact that he's in 3-6 month.clothes, and is only 6 weeks old. He still wears 0-3, but those are starting to get, ahem... snug. Why is this cute only on babies?

When he goes cross eyed.

His little cry when he was brand sounded like a girl. It made me sad cause it was so pathetic, but it made my mom laugh. Now I miss it!

I could name a million things Nixon, but these are some of our very favorites right now. We love you!


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  1. Smith Family May 24, 2011 at 3:22 PM
    What a little (big) sweetie! Love his onesie! Oh how I miss the newborn stage! They just grow up so so fast!
  2. Summers Family May 24, 2011 at 5:02 PM
    Awe! I remember the good days... Hold on to them, cuz they go fast... What a cutie you have!
  3. Mary Anne May 25, 2011 at 10:28 AM
    Awww yay! I love hearing all about the newborn stage. You're getting me all excited! He's too cute.

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